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Growing Businesses through Domestic and International Factor Financing


About CCI

Founded in 2016 in Kingston, Jamaica, CCI is enabling SMEs to access larger markets both domestically and internationally by eliminating barriers to access finances and overcome cash flow challenges.

With the support of factoring and reverse factoring financing solutions provided by CCI, companies operating in sectors spanning Mining and Quarrying, Agriculture and Agro-Processing, Human Resource Management, Construction and Distribution have all been able to use their invoices to secure much-needed cash flow to fund and expand their operations.

Market Analysis


Factoring is a complete financial package that combines working capital financing, credit risk protection and accounts receivable book-keeping. It is offered under an agreement between the so-called ‘factor’ and a seller.


Reverse Factoring

This financing solution is initiated by the ordering party (the customer/buyer) who is seeking to support the financial capacity of its suppliers to finance their receivables more easily and at a lower interest rate than what would normally be offered.


International Trade Business

CCI facilitates and promotes export-import Factoring activites. With factor affiliates in major trading countries CCI will provide financing solutions which enable you to conduct international commerce with significantly reduced financial risk.

Discussing the Numbers

Supply Chain Analysis

As CCI seeks to provide supply chain specific financial solutions we are able to provide detailed reports to our clients on the performance of key sectors and markets and forecast growth opportunities related to a given industry within a region.


Workforce Management Solutions


Human resource is a critical element for any business. Recruitment and management of staff plays an integral role in company productivity and ensuring legal and regulatory compliance can be quite a challenge particularly if your company is based overseas. Through Carbyne's workforce management solutions, we make managing payroll and benefits, arranging training programs, onboarding new hires etc, a smooth and efficient process.

In addition to our HR outsourcing services, your company can also access our innovative financial solutions in order to better manage your cash flow challenges.


Payroll Outsourcing

Business Meeting

Human Resource Outsourcing

Enabling businesses to streamline staff compensation while maintaining compliance labour regulations

As Payroll Managers, we offer services which include, but are not limited to:

  • Preparation of weekly, fortnightly and monthly payroll from data supplied by our clients

  • Timely remittance of information to our clients, including relevant payslips and payroll records to comply with government standards.

  • Timely remittance of payroll deductions as required by the Government.

An HR Solution for each of our Client's needs

Our Human Resource solution is fully customizable, enabling our client's to determine how much of their HR requirements they are seeking to outsource. Our suite of offerings include:

  • Recruitment of personnel.

  • Sourcing, Procurement, Storage and Distribution of equipment required by personnel to perform required tasks.

  • Monthly/Fortnightly Payroll Services with requisite Government of Jamaica tax calculations and deductions per employee/contractor

  • Human Resource Relationship Management for employees/contractors

  • Performance Reviews and Appraisals in line with the requirements of the client



Experienced & Professional

As Human Resource Consultants, we offer our services to companies on HR issues such as staff entitlements, government policy as it relates to staff employment, etc.  This is particularly beneficial to companies/ corporations whose operations are primarily based overseas.



When you've bespoked financing solutions for each supply chain, you pick up more than a little industry intuition.


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